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Shun Shun Rikka Icons
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      Welcome to Shun Shun Rikka, the icon and graphic journal of Sachira. Here you'll find icons, headers, friends only banners and more graphics goodies by her. You'll most likely find that they are predominate animanga and Japanese culture related. Though you might spot some graphics from various other fandoms, etc. You will also find tutorials written by her on some of the graphic techniques that she uses!

      The current layout was designed by her, but the original layout coding came from Emily at Painted Layouts. If you are looking for her resources in terms of images, textures and so on, you will find them all located here.

o1. Please credit here or my personal journal in the keywords when taking.
o2. Also, please comment when you take bases or icons from here.
o3. You do not need to credit me for bases, though it would be nice of you.
o4. Do not steal my icons and claim them at your own.
o5. If you don't like my icons, don't add this journal, thank you.
o6. Keep an open mind!
o7. If you want my resources, they're linked all over this place. They're even right over here.

         kaibyaku · iconflagration · icon_luv · chrnogrossing · jounins · pookage · postagenotpaid · chichinpuipui · coyul · angel_nets ·    tsukicon

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